What is the mission of Live-Spirit?

We are dedicated to making a difference in the world in our intentions, conscious choice of thoughts and constructive actions. We are whole and complete as is, recognizing there is nothing to clean, heal, get rid of, or live up to.

Our JOB, Joy-off-Being, is to recognize, energize, and utilize Spirit within, to accept our humanness, live from our strengths, and rise to personality challenges. Our focus is on Light, Love and Joy–the making the most effective contribution to ourselves, each other and planetary living.

We are here in service. From the depth of our hearts rises up the tsunami of spirit that absolutely must express, create, serve, heal, offer solace and find a home in your hearts, on your journey, in your community. Join us!

What does Live-Spirit do or offer?

Live-Spirit is a membership site that offers 7 types of supports:

  1. Live telesummit events,
  2. Personal support in emails,
  3. Spiritual counseling or coaching,
  4. Tele-courses in becoming aware of personal spiritual wisdom to lead fulfilling, authentic lives.
  5. Online Enlightened Parenting classes
  6. E-books, Books, Guidebooks and journalsCoaching certification in two areas: Coaching Intuitives & Coaching Intuitive Parenting through the Academy for Coaching Parents International.

How do I buy your services/programs?

Live-Spirit offers all programs are available for $22.50 per month with credit card (VISA & Mastercard) rebilling. You may cancel at any time. Save $50.00 by buying a yearly membership for $230 (USD) and get ongoing access for a ‘one-time-only’ payment. Go to our Join US page to order. You will receive a username and password for immediate access to the site where you can then choose programs for download.

Where is the member’s access button?

As a member in good standing, you can click on the “Member Access” button on the top right corner on any page. By entering your username and password, you can request any of our programs and resources. We do, however, reserve the right to limit the number of workbooks and email programs being taken at one time. If we truly wish to change and grow, we must be prepared to focus our attention on one area until our beliefs and feelings have time to shift.

How do I cancel my monthly rebilling for membership?

Click on the “Member Access” button on the top right corner on any page. By entering your username and password, you will see your membership information. Scroll down till you see ‘Your payment history’ and the cancel button. Just click on the cancel button to stop the rebilling. You will still get site access till your monthly membership expires.

How can I contact you with questions and feedback?

Please use the Contact Us form.

How can I make money referring Live-Spirit.com

Live-Spirit has an affiliate program through which you earn residual income of 30% when your referrals purchase programs on our website.